News: Neos-IT achieves ISO27001 information security management standard

News: Neos-IT achieves ISO27001 information security management standard

IT security, cybersecurity and privacy protection have arguably never been more important than they are today. ISO27001 is an internationally agreed standard for information security management, covering crucial factors relating to who, how and where information is stored. 

To kickstart 2023, Neos-IT has sought – and been granted – ISO27001 accreditation. As the universally agreed standard for data security, we’re proud to demonstrate how our services and advice align with global best practice, providing added assurance to customers. 

What is ISO27001? 

ISO27001 is a set of independently assessed, globally recognised standards designed to help keep organisations safe from cybersecurity and privacy threats. It enables businesses from all sectors and of all sizes to manage the security of assets such as intellectual property, financial data, employee information, and third-party data. 

Working with an ISO27001 accredited IT managed services provider like Neos gives you the benefit of confidence in our ability to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data. 

Why does ISO27001 matter to Neos? 

As data backup and disaster recovery experts, we’ve been advising our customers on information security management for years. By achieving ISO27001 accreditation, we now have the credibility to show that our services match up to globally recognised standards. 

We also work with a number of regulated businesses who need to be able to evidence exactly how their data is managed and stored in line with regulation. We regularly have to complete due diligence questionnaires for customers – for example, to demonstrate how data is managed and what jurisdiction it’s held in for FCA regulated businesses. 

ISO27001, as the globally accepted standard for data security, provides an added layer of assurance to what we’ve been doing in practice for years. And it enables our customers to demonstrate their data policies and processes to regulators and industry bodies with greater confidence. 

What does this mean for Neos customers? 

Neos-IT customers should have greater confidence; we’re certified as fit to do what we offer to an agreed, recognised standard, and we have thorough governance processes in place to oversee the way we manage data. 

For instance, we work with investment firms who need to be able to prove their record keeping of investment transactions as well as how they store and process sensitive personal information on investors. As their IT security partner, having ISO27001 accreditation is another tick in the box for what regulators look for when it comes to how and where data is managed. 

As well as filling in due diligence questionnaires, we actively work with compliance teams and as part of the supply chain to answer questions about how data is handled, passwords are managed, and more. We’re always happy to speak to customers and fill out forms, but having the ISO27001 accreditation should provide added confidence that what we’re doing aligns with industry best practice on a global scale. 

What’s next? 

If you already have data backups, disaster recovery or other cybersecurity services with us, you now have the added confidence of working with a globally accredited data management partner. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll talk to you about ISO27001 the next time we handle any due diligence requests. 

Looking for managed data or IT services that are ISO27001 compliant? Come and talk to us.