Unintended consequences of Windows 10 updates.

Posted on: June 14th, 2016 by Dr Karnig Derderian

In the first update for our brand new website we wanted to focus on the increasingly hot issue relating to Windows 10 Updates.

Major news outlets have been reporting over the past week what is a growing catalog of potential issues following Microsoft’s decision to change the update of Windows 7 and Windows 8 from optional to recommended.

Upgrade Options Explained
Microsoft, like every other good software developer, releases regular updates to its software to keep it secure from attack, deliver enhancements or iron out the occasional bug that appears when the systems are released in the real world. You have three options when it comes to updates; Windows classifies them into the following categories, Important, Recommended or Optional. Most systems are set by default to download and install Important and Recommended updates automatically, so the computer has the most up to date protection against viruses, etc.

Such a small change may seem like a minor point however the devil is in the detail. To assist in the widespread rollout of Windows 10, Microsoft changed the status of the update earlier this year from Optional to Recommended; the net result is that many users are being forced to upgrade against their will.

Why Not Upgrade?
Windows 10 has a host of new features demanded by the domestic market who are obsessed by aesthetics over functionality. The good news is that Windows 10 caters for the market perfectly, the flip side of the very glossy coin is that Windows 10 may not be compatible with all your programs and computer equipment. Therefore it is important to plan any upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid disruption. We have helped numerous clients who have upgraded inadvertently and have experienced problems and despite the outcome, everybody we helped incurred downtime, lost productivity and required our support to rectify the upgrade.

Why the Pressure?
There are many reported views as to Microsoft’s motivation for pushing people towards Windows 10. Microsoft report and the most logical view is that they want customers on the latest, most secure, feature rich version of their software. This view is very logical and makes good sense. The only caveat to consider is that Microsoft has designed the new Windows 10 with the consumer firmly in mind, many new features will add to their lives but will make little difference to the business user apart from potentially unintended consequences.

Conspiracy theorists are lurking around the internet that claim the Windows 10 update is a revenue generation exercise for Microsoft and here lies the motivation for the upgrade. Their complaints sit around the fact that the new Windows Store is heavily embedded, and it will generate increasing revenues for the software giant. Claims are also circulating that Windows 10 also encourages people to utilise OneDrive, free for the first 5gb however a subscription service as your files grow.

Windows 10 is a very slick and shiny operating system crammed full of brand new features and will be a big hit for the home market. Domestic computers don’t have to share the same level of stability as their commercial counterparts and need a glossier interface to retain their users. Windows 7 is in our opinion ideally suited for the business environment, and we urge people to consider the capital expenditure requirements that may be associated with upgrading.

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