Software Systems

Productivity and cost effective operations have never been more important to your business , operational efficiency can make or break a business. Your software systems are as important as the hardware equipment they are running on or the people operating them. You need to be certain that your staff’s productivity is not hindered by the software system you have in place.

Our software designers and engineers have years of experience in delivering the right software solution that manages the delicate balance between expenditure and productivity gain. We specialise in both tailoring off-the-shelf or writing bespoke software for almost any solution and act as your trusted adviser when reviewing your options.

Industry Solutions

There can be an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to software systems, plus it’s only natural to be interested in what the industry standard packages are. Tried and tested systems used by similar businesses will save you time and expenditure, however it is software innovation that can drive significant competitive advantage.

With over a decade of experience in different industries and software niches, we are leaders in our field and in a strong position to help your business navigate through the choices more effectively. We also specialise in working with visionaries who like to challenge the status quo and build their own bespoke software system.

Small Business

Small Business

Traditionally small businesses were constrained when choosing software solutions by setup costs, system specifications and maintenance costs. With the transition to Cloud Services and Software as a Service (SaaS), many software systems that were previously out of reach for small businesses are now available on per user, per month bases with little or no upfront costs.

We can transform your business operations and can work with a spectrum of budgets by listening to your needs, applying our expertise and coming up with an efficient and appropriate solution for your business.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sales management and customer communication are two of the key drivers in companies sales and marketing workflow.  Like other professional service businesses, the quality and effectiveness of sales and customer services teams are vital.

We have helped many businesses evolve from the instinctive use of MS Excel, Google Docs and Email to take control of the communication channels with their customers and partners using Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, these have also enabled businesses to streamline their reporting and agility.

Financial Services

Financial Services

The financial industry is flooded with solution providers for every market niche. Many software providers sell expensive software solutions and claim that they will resolve all manor of problems. In reality, such projects demand significant investment and resource and require an independent expert to extract the most value.

We have worked with Insurance brokers, investment fund managers and other financial services outlets and have advised on selecting the correct Insurance Broking Solution (IBS), Portfolio Management Solution or Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution. We have also developed bespoke solutions, configured existing platforms or added features to existing legacy systems. In reality, most businesses have their own unique processes that need to be incorporated in the software solution.

Our experience in online payment systems has seen us work with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Europe. Our work with partners like 3C Payments and SIX Group has enabled us to develop the expertise to design, implement and test Integrated Payment Solutions using Chip and Pin terminals and Online Payment Gateways.

Technology Solutions

In the age when your mobile phone is more powerful than your PC was 5 years ago, the software that helps you run your business can differentiate you from the competition. Surprisingly many business principals still consider software as an expenditure and do not recognise the business development and productivity optimisation aspects that can make it a cash positive investment.

SalesForce CRM & MS Dynamics CRM Solutions

SalesForce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM Solutions

Any business with more than one employee should have some form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems. With costs of reputable products starting from just £10 per user per month, every businesses can benefit from the advantages a centralised records system containing their clients, prospects, past and present deals can provide.

Our experience with different CRM systems over the years has enabled us to confidently recommend robust market leading solutions.  We have worked on a multitude of projects for customers in different industries and have seen how these businesses grew as a result of the positive transformations that their CRM system introduced.

MS Office 365, SharePoint & Exchange Bespoke Solutions

Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Exchange Bespoke Solutions

Microsoft’s biggest success in the past few years has been the Office 365 cloud based offering. Together with a scalable Cloud based Exchange server, it offers a whole platform of services that allows for inexpensive development of in-house web based resources to help with workflows and productivity.

Microsoft SharePoint has always been a powerful platform and about 1 in 4 blue chip companies have an Intranet or a customer portal utilising SharePoint. We have helped many businesses set up their own Intranet Portal services to fit their budget and needs. The benefits of such platforms are that they allow for scalability and gradual improvements, without the need for rework and downtime.

Cost effective Legacy Data Visualisation Solutions

Cost effective Legacy Data Visualisation Solutions

Legacy software systems and legacy data access are a common problem in the Financial Industry, where regulation dictates that data records need to be retained for a long period of time. This challenge is faced by all IT departments and the solutions often employed are disproportionately expensive in relation to the value they delivery.

We have developed cloud based solutions with hundreds of thousands of records operating on low cost monthly license and maintenance arrangements. Our experience with legacy data has been primarily in the Insurance industry where brokers often move from one Insurance Broking platform to another, but require access to old records without migrating them across to the new system.

Data Feed Integration, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Feed Integration, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Integrating data feeds between software systems is an essential step in optimising productivity and the next most important step after implementing the actual software systems. The process of copying data from one system to another can be simple, but requires careful planning and execution as it can causes more problems than it will solve if not done properly.

We are specialists in integrating software solutions using a range of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that can be found within most modern software systems or other tools and bespoke methods.

It is important to consider the backup provisions you have in place for business critical data. Most Cloud based software providers recommend their customers make the necessary backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) provisions independently. We have the skill and ability to help most business achieve this.

Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Bespoke Solutions

Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Bespoke Solutions

Finding the right information and interpreting it is an increasingly difficult challenge for businesses as the amount of data available from government, public sources and business systems is growing exponentially.   Each business faces their unique data search challenges and there are not many universal solutions out there.

We have experience in applying different search techniques to help with large data sets and utilise Artificial Intelligence techniques like Genetic algorithms.  Talk to us about your data search or data optimisation challenges and how we can help.

Software Consultancy Services

We have a proven track record of helping our customers get the right software solution for their business. Understanding the work processes and pain points is key to finding the software solution that will generate the best return on investment (ROI).

We work with our clients to simplify their challenges and provide an objective view on what options a business has in order to achieve the desired strategic and budgetary goals.

Having the right knowledge of the right software systems helps identify the right solution quickly and with confidence.

Our experience with a range of technologies and software platforms include; Microsoft .NET; Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint; EMV; XML (including 3CXML); UML; Genetic Algorithms. This enables us to help our clients by completely driving software development projects on their behalf or simply act as advisers on the design, methodology and best practices used by the in-house development team.

Small Business

Small Business

Small Business Solutions

Digital Media

Digital Media

Marketing, Print media, Online and telephone marketing, Music and Art publishing.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Insurance, Credit Card Acquiring, Fund Management

Track Record

We have applied our experience across a number of technologies to provide robust solutions for customers of different sizes, operating in different industries and subject to different constraints. Our discipline to focus at the problem at hand, has earned us the trust of our customers and allowed for continuous software system improvements as their businesses change and grow.

Here are some examples of software projects we have completed for our customers.

  • Integrated CRM Solution using SalesForce CRM and Xero Accounts
  • Customer Services Portal using Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint
  • Audit and support for in-house software development team using .NET and Bloomberg

Research Lab

We value Research and Development and we invest heavily to develop new methodologies and solutions that will aid our customers and the software industry as a whole.

Here is a list of technical research publications authored and co-authored by Neos-IT Technical Director, Dr Karnig Derderian in the area of automation of software engineering and the use of Genetic Algorithms.

2005 – Constructing Multiple Unique Input/Output Sequences Using Metaheuristic Optimisation Techniques
2006 – Improving test quality using robust unique input/output circuit sequences
2006 – Automated Unique Input Output sequence generation for conformance testing of FSMs
2007 – Heuristics for fault diagnosing when testing from finite state machines
2010 – Estimating the feasibility of transaction paths in extended state machines

2003 – Computing Unique Input/Output Sequences Using Genetic Algorithms
2004 – Input Sequence Generation for Testing of Communicating Finite State Machines (CFSMs)
2005 – Generating Feasible Input Sequences for Extended Finite State Machines (EFSMs) using Genetic Algorithms
2009 – Aiding Test Case Generation in Temporally Constrained State Based Systems Using Genetic Algorithms