Neos Telecoms

Break Free from the constraint of traditional phone systems and harness the power of voice over IP (VOIP) technology. VOIP Telecoms systems are flexible, scalable and much cheaper to implement compared to traditional switchboard telephone systems.

Neos Talk

Neos Talk is the next generation of phone system. We’ve done away with the clunky, space hungry systems of yesteryear with their large capital outlays tying you to antiquated equipment.

Neos Talk is a simple yet flexible phone system that is packed with the features and gives you the ability to easily adapt it to suit your needs. You can easily expand or contract the system, control costs, look more professional and make your staff more productive by allowing them to work from anywhere.

It is a versatile solution that can be configured to run on your premises or in the cloud, depending on your requirements.



Cloud Telecoms

For the more technically minded of you, Neos Talk is a call management service hosted in the cloud. Not only does it free up office space but it gives you so many more features than ever before and is much more cost effective. Utilising the latest VOIP technologies Neos Telecoms can offer you a range of handsets and call packages so you only pay for the features you need.

Industry Leading Partnerships

By parenting with industry leader 3CX, we can offer the innovative softphone delivering telephony on your PC, Mac or smartphone. We can also offer vendor independent handsets so you can choose from any of the leading phone providers including Polycom, Snom and Cisco to name but a few.



Seamless Transition to Mobile

Our mobile app for iOS and android means you can take your desktop telephone extension with you offering the ultimate on communication options, You can also talk to the office free of charge  by leveraging your wifi or data service and deliver a reduction in mobile call costs.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

We offer the latest in phone systems which include a system with full Microsoft Outlook CRM integration as standard. This will allow you to call a customer directly from Outlook by simply clicking their name, saving time in looking up and dialling their number. It also offers Call Pop Ups that shows you who is calling on your screen and bringing up customer details automatically. Plus the call journal function allows you to track inbound, outbound and missed calls and stores them in your customer journal so you can see their call history at a glance.