Neos Connectivity

Never has a strong and stable internet connection been this important to your business. If your business was to lose its connection you’d lose your internet access, any online systems, your email access, possibly even your phones. Neos-IT understands that and our connectivity product are specifically designed for professional business to deliver commercial grade connections with dedicated failsafes.

Dedicated Internet Service Provider

With an influx of inferior suppliers driving down the price of connectivity, it’s easy to get trapped into a poorly performing service that just doesn’t meet your needs. Neos-IT is a dedicated ISP meaning that we can provide a full spectrum of connectivity services from ADSL, Fibre, EFM and Ethernet, we can even offer satellite options, all at a range of speeds to suit your business.



Complete Transparency

Unlike many, we are proud to reveal if there is a contention ratio on any of our services. The contention ratio tells you how many other people are sharing your line, which is why home broadband often slows in the evening. With Neos Connectivity, you get a true picture as to the number of users on any specific service at any time. We will help you select the appropriate contention ratio to meet your needs. This means you can predict the real speed of service and you can make an informed choice about the level of connectivity you need.