Neos Cloud & Continuity

The latest product in the Neos suite is Neos Cloud & Continuity. We have invested heavily in our own state of the art data centre to be able to seamlessly deliver a number of data centred products including disaster recovery, could based email archiving, email spooling and our hosted telephony services.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Being prepared for the unexpected is a key trait of successful businesses. Our disaster recovery and business continuity services are essentials in today’s workplace. We have invested heavily in a state of the art disaster recovery platform that enables a seamless transition to a disaster recovery portal. In this online portal, you will see all of your familiar systems are immediately available to ensure the continuity of your business. This means we can keep you moving no matter what happens, providing the ultimate insurance policy.

Our subscription-based services take away the burden of capital investment and its impact on your cash flow. The system is always available to be tested without impacting you systems so you have piece of mind that your systems are there when you need them. A robust disaster recovery plan is not just prudent, for many businesses it is a regulatory requirement.



Cloud Hosted Email Services

Technology has shifted to hosting email in the cloud. Cloud email can reduce costs, increase flexibility and provide implicit disaster recovery options. It is critical however that you trust your email with the right supplier. Our experience shows that having email is one thing, having reliable email is another, moreover, when you place your email in the hands of another provider, you release control of your businesses most important communication channel and run the risk of downtime.

We understand that when a company loses its email, your staff have two basic needs, the ability to look back at your past emails (email archiving) and the ability to look forward to new emails coming in (Neos FutureView).

Cloud Hosted Email Archiving

We can also keep your systems safe and sound by providing certified email archiving, complaint with any required regulation. Our industry leading email archive product gives you immediate access to all your past emails, allowing you to call upon and see those important critical records. More importability we archive on our own UK servers so we can tell can tell you exactly where on the planet your data is, and certify this to any regulatory body.



Neos FutureView – Cloud Hosted Email Spooling Services

We also offer an innovative email spooling service called Neos FutureView, this gives you a window into the future should your email providers server go down. It allows you to access any new emails in real time via an online portal, safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered to your inbox when service is restored. This allows your business to keep moving forward whilst service waiting for service to be restored.

Cloud Hosted Neos Talk

Neos Talk is the next generation of phone system. We’ve done away with the clunky, space hungry systems of yesteryear with their large capital outlays tying you to antiquated equipment.

Neos Talk is a simple yet flexible phone system that is packed with the features and gives you the ability to easily adapt it to suit your needs. You can easily expand or contract the system, control costs, look more professional and make your staff more productive by allowing them to work from anywhere. Neos Talk is a call management service hosted in the cloud. Not only does it free up office space but it gives you so many more features than ever before and is much more cost effective. Utilising the latest VOIP technologies Neos Telecoms can offer you a range of handsets and call packages so you only pay for the features you need.