IT Strategy & Planning

We have years of consultancy experience in a range of different roles and can help fill any IT skills gap within your business on a short term or long term basis. From acting as your virtual IT Director to delivering one-off projects, no job is too large or too small.

Virtual IT Director

Every business would benefit from having and IT director to provide strategic advice and guidance to meet the goals of your business. We are uniquely placed to provide this service because we understand your business and act as an integral part of your team. From the creation of board reports and strategic documents to liaising with the Finance Director on budget and asset management. We are masters of many projects including business growth, relocating offices, compliance projects,  IT security, policy and governance to helping to control data leakage.



Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management are an integral part of your IT Security policy, ensuring that people are who they say they are when accessing your systems. Giving people access to only the resources they need is a key bedrock of a robust and secure IT policy. We can provide a framework based on industry standards whilst tailoring them to the specific needs of your business. We can provide advice and guidance on policy creation and couple that with a fully thought our implementation plan using the right resources for the right need and ensuring compliance. We embrace the latest technologies including Dual Factor identification, this enables your business is fully prepared for the future.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Being prepared for the unexpected is a key trait of successful businesses. Our disaster recovery and business continuity services are essentials in today’s workplace. We have invested heavily in a state of the art disaster recovery platform that enables a seamless transition to a disaster recovery portal. In this online portal, you will see all of your familiar systems are immediately available to ensure the continuity of your business. This means we can keep you moving no matter what happens, providing the ultimate insurance policy.

Our subscription-based services take away the burden of capital investment and its impact on your cash flow. The system is always available to be tested without impacting your systems so you have peace of mind that your systems are there when you need them.



Project Management

Project management is an essential part of any professional service, if it is to be delivered effectively. and efficiently. We have years of experience in managing scores of successful projects including office relocations, server consolidation, new systems and software design and implementation. We can work on projects of different scales, from large to small and look forward to discussing your next project with you.