IT Procurement

We have our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and use our skill and experience to specify the most appropriate technology for your needs. By using our wealth of experience and skill, we can deliver the right spec IT solution and can manage the delicate balance between capital expenditure on equipment and providing your staff with efficient business tools that make them more productive.

Buying Power

As we purchase IT equipment for our extensive customer base, we benefit from very strong buying power and can pass this onto you. We have good long-term relationships with a number of leading vendors and are happy to leverage our size and buying power to get the best deal when procuring IT hardware or software.




By calling upon our decades of experience, we can help you navigate the complexity of selecting and specifying and the appropriate equipment for your business. Under-spec a computer and your most valuable resource (your staff) will be under-utilised, over spec a machine you will tie up valuable capital in a depreciating asset. Our specialised team can ensure you get the right product a the right price at the right time.

Licensing and Legality

It is far to easy to fall foul of software licensing laws exposing your business to unnecessary risk, likewise it is easy to overspend on licences you may not have needed. Our accredited licensing specialists will work with your business to identify your need and help you select the right licensing model for your company.