Products & Services

Here at Neos-IT we understand that our customers benefit from a seamless end to end experience and often don’t want to be passed between numerous suppliers each pointing the finger.

Our unique knowledge of the SME market has enabled us to build a suite of products designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprise in London.

IT Services

Covering the basic needs of any company, we offer fully customisable email systems and online services including all elements of web hosting.

We also have a range of managed services that work behind the scenes to keep your systems safe, secure and fully operational enabling you to spend your time growing your business.



IT Strategy and Planning

With over a decade of experience, we are happy to consult on a range of IT needs, from office relocation and disaster recovery to IT security and CCTV networks. We can also act as a virtual IT Director working on strategy,operations, budgetary matters and training needs, everything you need but on a consultancy basis.

IT Support

We have a range of support options to suit every need. From our own dedicated UK contact centre to online support and on-site support options, we can provide the right solution for the right situation. We can provide support for both systems and hardware so you are covered right down to the last office printer.



IT Procurement

By levering our buying power and our expert skill, we can not only save you money but also the time in shopping around and potentially buying the wrong specifications when buying IT hardware or software. We also offer a full instillation service so it will be delivered, set-up and running with no fuss.

Software Systems

With our own in-house software development team, we can develop bespoke software packages, consult on software integration and manage software roll-out programmes.

We also provide ongoing software support for the ever changing needs of a business to make sure your software can keep up.



Data Security

There has never been a greater need for data security and business continuity and we are perfectly placed to manage both the hardware and software side of your IT security to make sure you data is not only safe, but you are compliant.

From Anti-virus to firewalls, content control to data leakage we also offer fully managed services protecting you 24/7.

Neos Cloud

Our state of the art UK data centre is the ideal platform from which we can provide co-location services, virtual servers or desktops or webhosting.

Because we manage our own data centre, we can certify any required data compliance standard and ensure your business is not only fully backed up, but ready to move at the push of a button.



Neos Connectivity

Neos-IT can offer a full range of connectivity options from super-fast fibre optic internet to leased lines and even satellite connectivity options. As a dedicated Internet Service Provider, we can control the flow of data from your door to the rest of the world, making sure you get the optimum service and the contention ratios your business needs.

Neos Telecoms

Our bespoke telephony offering, hosted from our own dedicated UK data centre can deliver all your telephony needs from VOIP telephone systems, to teleworking, call recording, hold messages and SIP trunks and ISDN or PSTN Gateways. Not only can we offer a superior product compared to traditional telephony systems, but at a reduced price.

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