Why it makes sense to take control of your Xero data

Why it makes sense to take control of your Xero data

Many businesses now use Xero to manage their finances and, many of us rely on Xero to keep our data safe, which they do very well. Xero store business critical information for almost two million users in secure data centres however this doesn’t mean it is accessible when you need it or in a format that you can easily use.

So, if Xero are looking after your data, does that mean you don’t need to think about it? Actually, there are many reasons why you might want to protect and control such important information yourself.

Saving you from yourself… your Xero data is available to you 24/7/365 but what they can’t do is protect you messing it up yourself! There is always a risk something gets changed or deleted and what Xero can’t help with is to go back to where you were yesterday or a few days ago.

Recovering from sabotage…  this could be a rogue former employee or a deliberate cyber attack, either way you may not know where to look to fix the damage or recover information. You’ll want to roll back to before the sabotage which is not something Xero can offer, however securely your data is stored.

Testing apps…  There are more than 500 apps you can connect to Xero but how do you know what works for you without testing it? You may want to trial an app but ringfence your data in case the app doesn’t fulfil its promise or impacts your data. If you have back up you can create a ‘sandbox’ version of your Xero data to trial new apps without touching your live accounting data.

Maintaining compliance… Quality assurance standards such as ISO 9001 require business to have procedures in place to protect business critical data. Other regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) also expect you to have robust financial controls in place. Having your own backups of financial information is a more robust, and compliant, approach to ensuring you maintain the integrity of your accounting data at any point in time.

Peace of mind… finally, you may just want to sleep sound at night, safe in the knowledge that you are in control of your own critical data. You appreciate that Xero has good security policies but you just feel better knowing you have your own backups. Just in case.

So how can we help?

Xero will ensure you will never lose your data and it is available 24/7. In addition, we will:

  • Automatically create a new backup every night
  • Access any backup from the last 30 days whenever you want
  • Select any backup and restore it into a new Xero organisation
  • View any backup online including all balances and transactions
  • Download the detail of any backup in a Microsoft Excel file container every transaction and key reports.

Neos-IT offer a Xero Backup managed service for a monthly fee to not only ensure you have full control over your data, but that you can sleep sound in the knowledge that you can access it in a format that you can use, whenever you need it.