Data backups… Glamorous? Maybe not but essential to the continuity of your business

Data backups… Glamorous? Maybe not but essential to the continuity of your business

We all intuitively know that backing up our data is the right thing to do. Most of us probably think that if our data is ‘in the cloud’ it is looked after by Microsoft, Xero, Dropbox or the myriad of providers we choose for our business critical business information.

This may well be true however there are a couple of key points about this…

  • There’s no time machine effect! So your provider may be able to give you a back up of the last data snapshot they took, but what if that was after your data was compromised? They’ll just be giving you back the same broken data…
  • The number of applications we all use has spiralled, do you know that every place you save information is safely backed up? Typically we have information on our PC, laptop, phone or other devices, information in various cloud apps including Office 365, maybe files and folders on a server, perhaps some stray memory sticks even. Do you have confidence that it could all be recovered if you lost a laptop or accidentally deleted a folder?

Peace of mind

At Neos we take a holistic approach to managing your backups to give you peace of mind. We always adopt the best practice rule of 3-2-1… three copies of your data, on at least two different media, with at least one in a different physical location.

We also make sure that we cover all the places you might have data stored – laptops & desktops, servers (either virtual or physical) and your cloud workload (O365, Xero, Dropbox). We are all human… we may know that we need to save our files on the server but how many documents do you still have on your desktop because it’s more convenient?

Whether data is stored on-premise or in a cloud-based repository such as Azure or Amazon Web Services the right retention policies for you must be in place for your business. This means you don’t just have a snapshot at the last time the backup was taken but you can choose whether you want to restore data from a week, a month or a year ago and you also design your backup strategies to meet any compliance requirements for HMRC or regulatory bodies.

This also has additional benefits for disaster recovery and business continuity planning … should the worst happen your data can be recovered from the right point in time in a short period of time.


We partner with Veeam, the market leader in back up and data recovery solutions. This gives us a proven solution for the complex backup requirements of our clients. For key applications, like Xero, we also use bespoke platforms for that additional peace of mind.

We’re passionate about keeping your data safe as it is the lifeblood of your business… and we’ve seen how disruptive it can be when something goes wrong. Talk to us today about how we can help give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure.