Endpoint security: three trends you need to know about

Posted on: April 29th, 2019 by NEOS

Endpoint security pits companies with multiple devices (or network ‘endpoints) against attackers who only need to breach one. It’s an ever-evolving field with an array of products and services on offer, battling to stay one step ahead of emerging threats. Let’s tackle three of the latest developments.

1. Cloud-delivered or SaaS endpoint protection

Cloud security solutions are on the increase, bringing the obvious benefits of:

  • Simple implementation
  • Budget-friendly cloud storage and scalability
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Ongoing feature deliveries from using a SaaS model.

Centralising the collection of data about endpoint security can provide threat detection analytics in real-time, using tools like machine learning. Processing that security data centrally means security issues can be correlated across locations and networks, providing a joined-up view of your current vulnerabilities.

Cloud-delivered security can come with data privacy issues – and has been known to complicate things with industry regulators, who may insist that cloud-uploaded data must be masked.

2. Machine learning

Also known as AI, machine learning is a huge tech trend at the moment, involving algorithms that use statistical techniques to constantly improve their code. Its use in endpoint security is probably the result of the sheer number of cybersecurity threats businesses are facing. Legacy antivirus solutions simply aren’t able to keep up in some cases. Machine learning essentially means that protection systems can ‘learn’ for themselves about what constitutes a new security threat, based on analysing millions of emerging threats.

The only real limitations to machine learning lie in the sheer amount of data and processing needed to make it work efficiently. At the moment, the true potential of AI for endpoint protection may only be available to enterprise-level customers.

3. Endpoint consolidation

As the technology has progressed, we’re seeing more consolidation of multiple products into a single endpoint security agent. This goes beyond creating a suite of products, into a one-stop-shop for all endpoint protection tools. The real benefit of this lies in the ability to manage all your security needs in one centralised place, simplifying the experience for businesses and IT providers alike.

We offer a comprehensive endpoint protection product designed to offer effective network protection across all your devices and identify and resolve points of vulnerability. But to truly get the most from your security products, we recommend:

  • Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all your endpoints
  • Give your staff and contractors regular end-user security awareness training (call it your ‘human firewall)
  • Deploying the full range of endpoint security tools, and move away completely from legacy anti-virus products to get the best protection.

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